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Enjoy crispy, succulent lechon in every order of Organic Native Lechon Baboy with sauce from Lechon City!

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Enjoy crispy, succulent lechon in every order of Organic Native Lechon Baboy with sauce from Lechon City!

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½ kilo Organic Native Lechon Baboy with sauce from Lechon City!

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Lechon is food that’s truly fit for celebration. Enjoy a feast anytime you bring home an order of Organic Native Lechon Baboy from Lechon City! Each bite is so delicious, you’ll close your eyes to savor the delectable taste. Their Cebu-style lechon has the crunchy skin that’s everyone’s favorite and underneath is tender, well-seasoned meat redolent with local herbs and spices. The fat is only a thin layer, just enough to keep each mouthful rich but not super greasy. Dip this in the accompanying lechon sauce and tantalize your taste buds with the incredible combination of flavors.

Lechon City takes pride in their farm-to-stall approach because all their lechon are made from pigs grown in their very own farm in Batangas. The pigs are free to graze and roam on the grass fields and come to rest on clean rice hull beds. They are fed fruits and vegetables so they are clean, lean, and tasty. This easy-going lifestyle translates to better-tasting lechon you can now take home to your family. 

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